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Each Fairy has her very own activity and coloring page.


The Fairy Tea Party™ Menu
“Deluxe Kit” for Six Fairy Girls - $350
(Additional guest packages sold in sets of three - $60)

You Will Receive:

Invitations w/ envelopes x 6
Dreamtime Pixie Wings x 6
Headbands x 5
Boa Halo x 1
Magical Dream Keeper x 1
Fairy Dew Lotion x 1
Fairy Dust Combo x 1
Wands x 2
Logo teacups w/ saucers x 6
Fairy Bingo Kit
Pin the Wings on the Fairy
Treasure Hunt (tattoos, decals, stickers)
Goodie Bags x 6 (fairy locket, key chain, pen, notepad, art card, hair clips, hair
tie, Fairy Code of Honor)
Magic Pouch
Rose petals
Logo Balloons
Logo napkins  x 20
Activity pages & stickers x 6

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