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Enchanting Fairy-Facilitated Party for up to 9 Guests!
 Deluxe Package:  $475

Fairy Spirit Treasure

When you reserve your party you will receive you will receive a packet of invitations and envelopes, plus stickers for for sealing (12 total).   We will provide everything you need for a party of up to 9 guests.  (If you have less than this amount, we will happily bring "grown-up" wings and supplies!    Additional guests will be $25.00 each.

You have a 20% discount for buying additional items!  You may use your 20% discount at Fairy Line Naturals up through the day of the party to add-on any additional gifts, prizes or surprises for your Fairy-of-the-Day or guests.

Your Fairy Facilitator and Fairy Helpers will spend 2 hours entertaining and engaging your Fairy Guests. They will be the sFairy Guide for the party and the games! They arrive ˝ hour before the party to help with last minute set-up and stay for about ˝ hour afterwards (providing the time hasn’t gone over) to help clean up.

Your Deluxe Facilitated party kit will contain:

  • Magic pouch (for choosing fairies and wishing stones)
  •  “wishing” stones
  • Collectible Stickers for each Fairy guest
  • Coloring/Activity Sheets for each Fairy
  • Fairy Wings and Flower Headbands for Fairy guests
  • The Fairy-of-the-Day will receive a special Fairy Halo in addition to her wings
  • Fairy Bingo™ game with holder cups for bingo “chips”
  • Fairy Dew Magical Glitter – from Fairy Line Naturals™ (5.5 oz jar - retail value $15.00) for all the Fairy Guests to wear. We’ll also include a spatula for applying the glitter.
  • Collector’s Edition – Fairy Kelissa “Pin the Wings on the Fairy”
    • This Poster is of a museum quality painting - measuring 24 in. x 36 in. You will receive three die-cut wings in three different colors/styles to give your little Fairy endless possibilities of fun and fantasy play, long after her party is over.
  • Repositionable glue-dots for the Fairy Kelissa poster and wings
  • An amazing “Flowering-Fairy-Tea” Bud that blooms into a flower right before the fairies’ eyes.  This drinkable tea also serves as a lovely centerpiece in water and will last for several days after the party.  The fairies will be enchanted watching this bloom.   We also give you a special glass globe for brewing the tea.
  • One T-Sac filled with your flavor choice of Rooibos Tea**
  • One Agave honey nectar squeeze bottle (11.8 oz.)
  • A bag of “Fairy Food” candy for your Fairy-of-the-Day (or to share with guests)
  • 1 set of our original 30 shimmer stickers with glue dots. These will be hidden around party room for a treasure hunt activity that the kids adore.
  • Fairy Boa Dusting Wands for each guest
  • Your Fairy-of-the-Day will receive a packet of Fairy Dust along with a Fairy Boa Dusting Wand and the story card with the recipe for magical dreams.
  • Gift bags for favors
  • Queen Lia glitter rose pen for each guest
  • Keepsake tea cup and saucer that can also be used to hold the bingo “chips”
  • Scrapbook Keepsake page

Special Fairy Tea Party Decorations include:

Party Banner
Faux-Flower Garland (nearly six feet long)
One package of silk rose petal confetti (over 100 pieces , this can be used over and over again!)
Three centerpiece wands – to place in your own vase
Table decorations (1 oblong tablecloth, 12 Fairy Tea Party logo napkins, plates, hot/cold cups and each of plastic spoons and forks, plus 8 Butterfly-shaped candles)
Exclusive design mini Fairy Tea Party tea cups and saucers, available in pink or white.


A Special Exclusive Keepsake For Your Fairy-of-The Day:
Memento Photo:My Fairy Tea Party™” Your special Fairy-of-the-Day will be “morphed” into the Fairy Tea Party logo image.  You will need to provide a digital photo of her dressed in her wings and Fairy halo. We will mail the memento page to you after your party. (You may also send us the photo after the party by email.) We will send your personalized and printed 8 x 10 landscape keepsake photo by regular mail.


Additional select Fairy Line Naturals™ products may be purchased for party prizes at 20% off!

Several days before your party, we will make arrangements for you to pick up your table decorating supplies.

On the day of your Fairy Tea Party™ our enchanting “Fairy Facilitator” and Fairy Helper will arrive one half-hour before the party to help set up the games, cake and Tea Service.




They will bring the following items:

  • • A special Fairy Tea Party Logo Cake – designed exclusively for Fairy Tea Party™ (pictured is a round cake – also available in a half sheet for extra guests!)
  • Additional Food items you ordered
  • Any additional Activity supplies needed
  • Fairy Treasure Parcel and extra gifts!
  • Magical Glitter temporary tattoos to put on the guests, according to which one is their Secret Fairy
  • Skittles for all of the guests for playing Fairy Bingo

**Original Tea choices:

Rooibos is a naturally decaffeinated robust tea harvested form the South African red bush.  This delicious, nutritious tea has anti-oxidant properties and is a favorite with children.  We always serve this with a superior and natural alternative to honey, Agave nectar.

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Supplies You Will Need:


  • A tall vase or bottle for decorative wands
  • M & M’s or cheddar goldfish as “bingo chips”
  • Kettle or teapot for boiling water
  • Milk or creamer
  • Other food you may want to offer for party
  • Assorted Crayons or markers



Party Favors for your guests include:


  • Dreamtime Pixie wings in lavender, pink and aqua
  • Fairy Flower Headbands
  • Queen Lia rose glitter pen
  • Fairy Code of Honor poem
  • 9 butterfly crystal hair clips
  • Keepsake tea cup and saucer
  • Wishing stones
  • Coloring/Activity Pages
  • Fairy Stickers
  • Magic Glitter Tattoo
  • Fairy Boa Dusting Wands
  • Recipe for Magical Dreams Story Card
  • Holographic logo keychain

Additional Benefits:

  • You will be given access to a special section of our Fairy Tea Party™ web site for great decorating ideas!
  • If any of your guests choose to host a Fairy Tea Party™ you will receive a gift certificate for Fairy Line Naturals™
  • For booking a “Kit Party” you will receive a $20 gift certificate
  • For booking a “Facilitated Party” you will receive a $30 gift certificate

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