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Fairy Goddess Parties

 Fairy Goddess parties are intimate gatherings where women laugh, learn and explore more of who their true self is with the guidance of our exclusive fairies.  These experiences capture the fun and relaxed nature of a party with your best girl friends, while empowering everyone with tools for beauty, health, relaxation and fun! 

Created by world renowned therapist Dr. Linda Joy Rose, Fairy Goddess Parties highest priority is to help women see the true beauty and substance that we each possess.  You will be showered with blessings and gifts from many of our gorgeous and unique fairies.  Fairy Goddess Parties allow a safe, fun retreat from the hectic world, while allowing us to pamper you.  We use only the most natural, earth-friendly products that are created with goddesses in mind.  This will be one of the most unique and valuable parties you will ever take part in.  Are you ready to become a fairy goddess?

We will be launching our first Fairy Goddess Parties in May 2008. 
Call 1-866-98-FAIRY if you'd like to host one of these exciting and empowering experiences!  Or send an email to


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