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All of our original Fairy Line Fairies embody exalted virtues, characteristics and personality traits.  They are beautiful inside and out and make great role models!
You will choose which Fairies you would like to invite to your party, according to the number of guests.  Then -- in a secret ceremony the Fairies will choose which guest will be their secret fairy friend!  This makes for the most magical and interesting party ever…


Fairy Arianna - The Gypsy Fairy
Key Words:  Adventure and Charm
Intention:  Being open to new people, places and things.  Arianna teaches how to enjoy life to the fullest.


Fairy Bahari - The Sea Nymph
Key Words:  Sensitivity and Artistry
Intention: This mystical muse seeks to inspire you to tap into your creative potential, express your talents and expand your imagination.


FAIRY ESMERALDA – The Nature Fairy
Key Words:  Responsibility and Leadership
Intention:   Esmeralda is a natural leader and works tirelessly to raise awareness about preserving our precious planet.


Fairy Florentina - The Fairy Therapist
Key Words:  Service and Devotion
Intention:  Caring and patient Florentina is devoted to helping everyone feel better.  She is the fairy of healing.


Fairy Gabriella - The Friendship Fairy
Intention:  This visionary fairy inspires your imagination to soar to new heights and teaches the incredible value of friendship.



Fairy Isabella - Queen Isabella of the Rainbow
Intention:  Inspires you to be colorful and creative and courageous in trying new things.



Fairy Jae-lin – Fairy of Beauty and Balance
Intention: This peaceful fairy teaches us to find beauty in all things and makes any environment more pleasant and harmonious.

Fairy Luminara – The Snow Fairy
Key Words: Compassion and self-esteem
Intention:  This patient and loving fairy wants you to know that everyone is unique and wonderful, like snowflakes.  She teaches you to appreciate yourself and care about others.

Fairy Nuanna - Queen of the Winds
Key Words:  Communication and Integrity
Intention:   To teach the importance of open communication and being true to your word. This high-flying fairy will teach you to soar!


Fairy Sephira – The Dreamtime Fairy
Key Words:  Love and Honor
Intention:  Teaches the values of love and honor.  She is an advocate for keeping children safe and secure. She is the one who distributes Fairy Dust for Magical Dreams to children everywhere.


Fairy Xiomara – Spirit of the Rainforest
Key Words:  Courage and Growth
Intention:  To inspire others to stand up for what they believe.  She helps others tap into their natural resources and infinite abundance.


Fairy Queen Zadarah - Protector of the Animal Kingdom
Key Words:  Generosity and Kindness
Intention: This sincere fairy spreads the message that we share this Earth with many beings and all deserve our protection and mercy.



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